Who are we and what do we do?

Linkserve is an innovative organization that has used technology as a tool for designing and implementing solutions that are ergonomic.The domains and hosting industry in Nigeria is growing and we are providing the needed leadership. Its solutions have dynamically changed the Information technology landscape and will continue. In being innovative, we study the challenges in the economy and seek aggressive solutions using ICT to improve, enhance and deliver within record times to the delight of our marketplace. In some instances, we failure, but we are not deterred by failure as we are spurred to seek the alternatives towards succeeding. And we do! You can trust us to remain focused on projects and continuously deliver as promised. We will continue to be an innovative company as our passion, skill and spirit are driven by innovation.

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Our Values

Technology innovation is a core value at Linkserve. This is driven by our passion that a customer can benefit from unique solutions that are ergonomic and enhancement to already available solutions.








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